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Sonamy Favorites - Showcasing some of the best Sonamy art deviantART has to offer.

Hey guys! It's YoshiWii1 here. I have written and planned more levels in my Amy fan game. One of the levels however contains alcoholic references and suggestive themes. I will go into more detail about it later when post the full script of the level.

==Meet the Cast==

Amy Rose - A beautiful, cheerful hedgehog with a strong intuition. Throughout most of her life, she has been deeply in love with Sonic. Going through great lengths to win his affection. As years went by, Amy trained with Sonic to become much stronger. She has not only mastered her Piko Piko Hammer, as she also mastered melee attacks with both her fists and feet. In her training with Sonic, she has gained a Super form like him and gained the ability to heal herself and others. Eventually, she displaced Sonic and proved a force to be reckoned with! Now her and Sonic are partners and lovers to fight for justice!

Age: 21
Height: 5ft 5in.
Theme Song: My Sweet Passion
Voiced By Cindy Robinson

Sonic the Hedgehog - A cocky, carefree hedgehog with an attitude. He is the world's fastest hedgehog and one of the fastest things alive. Loving to be able to whatever he wishes and loathes to be restricted. He may be a little short tempered but that won't get in the way once someone is in trouble. When he and Amy were younger, Sonic would often tease Amy and feel annoyed by her presence. However deep in his heart, he liked Amy and was afraid to admit. As they got older, Sonic finally showed his real feelings towards Amy. Ever since then, they have become boyfriend/girlfriend and a team!

Age: 24
Height: 5ft 6in.
Theme Song: It Doesn't Matter (Sonic Adventure version)
Voiced By Roger Craig Smith, Yuri Lowenthal (10 year old Sonic)

Brandon - A somewhat naive and short tempered but good hearten orphan. Brandon was guy that was often shunned and isolated by people due to his good intentions in life. He would complain about how he was too weak to help those in need. That is one night, he encountered a dying ninja who revealed that he was secreting spying on him due to his potential to help others. He transferred all of his powers and weapons to Brandon in his last breath. Brandon and Amy have had a strong brother/sister relationship since they were younger. He loves Amy so much that he is willing to do anything to make her happy. Even if it means sacrificing his life.

Age: 19
Height: 5ft 10in.
Theme Song - Wolverine Theme (Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter)
Voiced By Johnny Yong Bosch, Mona Marshall (10 year Brandon)

Doctor Eggman - An evil, obese scientist with an I.Q. of 300. As a long time arch nemesis of Sonic and his friends, he has tried to conquer the world to built his Eggman Empire. Which he has failed many times over the years. He creates an army of robots shattered around the world in hopes of dominating the world. Eggman doesn't know when to quit and won't do so until his goal is set. Despite having the harsh ambitions, he is quite a comic relief villain. Always failing to achieve his goal and is not taken seriously by Sonic who is over confident to beat him.

Age: 50's
Height: 6ft 1in.
Theme Song - E.G.G.M.A.N.
Voiced By Mike Pollock

Damnel Tiger - A Horned Tiger from Hell. He is a self-proclaimed "God" as he is always trying to prove his demonic peers wrong. One day, he was given a pass to leave Hell by his meth-addicted school counselor. This pass allowed him to possess an innocent children's cartoon so people can bow down to him as their Lord. After his refusal to watch the show, he haunted Brandon eventually transporting him to his "Toy Town." Brandon defeated the Demon with the help of the ghost of Mister Rogers. As of now, Damnel Tiger steals a pass from Hell, skips school and returns to the Earth to terrorize anyone who "rejects" him as their god! Damnel's infamous trademark is he claws himself out of Daniel Tiger's body that he possessed and tosses it like a rag doll!

Age: Unknown
Height: 6ft 3in., 3ft 9in. (When he possesses Daniel Tiger's body)
Theme Song - Firebrand Theme (Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3)
Voiced By Nolan North, Frank Welker (Roar Sound Effects)

Miles "Tails" Prower - An intelligent fox with two tails. His real name is Miles Prower but prefers to be called Tails. Ever since he was a small fox, Tails was impressed by the speed of Sonic following him in the process. Since then Tails has become one of Sonic's closest friends, if not the brother he never had! Tails has the ability to temporarily fly with his two tails like a helicopter. He is also a skilled mechanic using his knowledge to create various devices. As years have gone by, Tails has now grown up into a tall, mechanic pilot that he upgraded the Tornado into a battle mech that he summons during combat.

Age: 17
Height: 5ft 11in.
Theme Song - Believe in Yourself (Sonic Adventure version)
Voiced By Yuri Lowenthal

Knuckles the Echidna -

Peter Rifle -

Metal Sonic -

Tails Doll -

General McGregor -

Mobster Ricardo Fontana -

Extraterrestrial #94 "Braindevour" -

Doctor Fritz Schitnel -

Mecha-Rillagator -

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